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W212 E63 AMG Mercedes featuring Rohana RC5

Mercedes W212 E63 AMG
Wheels: Rohana RC5
Tires: Hankook V12

19×11 CLK63 Black Series Rear Wheel Build

The reason this build came up was due to the desire to run the Toyo R888’s in 265/30/19 up front and 295/30/19 rear as opposed to the factory Pirelli’s on the CLK63 Black Series. Those who track their Black Series have sought after this setup.

A 9.5 wheel is needed to run the 265/30 properly. Trying to mount this size on the factory front wheel looks terrible and does not perform as desired. The Toyo’s just run too wide and even a 10″ wheel would work. The idea behind the package is to not have to buy a whole new set of wheels just to be able to change to a different brand tire. This might not appeal to everyone but we thought some might like this option. Conversely now that we have the design in place we can offer a full set of OEM style wheels in any custom fitment desired or we can simply produce two new rear 19×11 wheels and move the OEM rears to the front.

We had our test car in for some additional fitment and testing and here are some results.

Again, we are producing a pair for a customer in house. Turn around time is about 4 weeks once ordered. Pricing will be $1200 per wheel for 19×11. Test fitment has been completed and the final offsets worked out. The first minor snag we have come across was that the inner barrels on the rear wheels are shaped different than the barrels on the front wheel. There is a step that is not present on the front barrel. The bottom of the outer tie rod end barely makes contact with this step when mounting the OEM 19×9.5 on the front. This requires you to run a tie rod end with a lower profile than OEM. So far all we have been able to source is one that would require minor reshaping to the bottom of the tie rod end to gain the needed clearance off the barrel. So this setup would require that the front outer tie rod ends be replaced or the customer can modify their own tie rod ends which is what we have done on our test vehicle. Knowing that some people may not have the capability to do this is why we are still trying to source an aftermarket tie rod to include with the kit. So far all we have come up with is one that requires minor re-shaping to clear. Also, in order to get the rear OEM wheels to look flush/proper with the new 11” we are running a 12mm hub centric spacer up front. I know a lot of the guys that run factory wheels also run spacers to increase track width so this should be a non-issue for most.

While working through this project we determined that you may not have the tie-rod end issue. Our understanding is that MB used different wheel manufacturers that produced some rear wheels with the step barrel while some did not. You can check by inspecting the inner barrels of the wheels on your Black Series to confirm.

As always, we are here to help and can walk you through these steps prior to putting an order together. email or call with any questions, thoughts or comments. The photos attached show the wheels through design to final product to mounted on the Toyo R888’s.

KW Suspension H.A.S. Coilover System + Rear Adjustable Lowering Links for CLS63 and E63

The KW H.A.S. Coilover system with our Rear Adjustable Lowering Links are now in stock.

2011+ Mercedes Benz E63 and CLS63 – KW part #25325044 MSRP $1,029.99 – email or call for special pricing.

The two main benefits of our version of the kit are 1) Fully adjustable front and rear ride height as opposed to the set rear ride height of the non-adjustable KW rear links. We noticed the KW rear links sometimes do not get you the ride height you desire. 2) Our links allow for full ride height adjustment with no modifications to the vehicle other than simply replacing the fixed links with our adjustable links. At any point the car can be returned to stock height by swapping in the stock links. We did confirm fitment for the E63. The rear adjustable links are needed as the KW links included with the KW kit alone set the ride height too low for the E63. This kit is the perfect solution for front and rear ride height adjustment.

Mercedes Benz CLK with 20″ MOZ Wheels

Mercedes Benz CLK
20″ MOZ Staggered Alpine Wheels

2012 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG – 20″ Rohana RC20

2012 Mercedes Benz E63 AMG
20″ Staggered Rohana RC20 – Matte Black

Air Ride Adjustable Lowering Links

Our links use steel hardware and are fully Zinc platted for corrosion resistance and come with rubber seals to keep dirt and road grime from getting into the ball joints. They are fully adjustable so that any ride height is achievable for that perfect stance. This also makes matching left and right heights possible. Since our links don’t require any permanent modifications to the car, the installation is fully reversible, allowing the owner to reinstall the factory links at any time. We are a local US based seller, fast shipping, actual brick and motor store with real experience installing and developing these parts, detailed photo instructions included and we are always just a phone call away if needed.

* For vehicles equipped with air ride suspension – Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Bentley, Jeep, Range Rover and Volkswagen applications

Example Photo – actual applications may differ

2012 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG – 19″ TSW Interlagos

2012 Mercedes Benz C63 AMG
19″ staggered TSW Interlagos – Matte Black
H&R Lowering Springs

Vossen CV4 – CV5 – CV7

Now available – Vossen’s new additions to the deep concave lineup –

2011 Mercedes Benz S550 W221 with Petrol Wheels

2011 Mercedes Benz S550
Wheels: Petrol Traviata 3 Piece wheels
Tires: Pirelli P-Zero
Custom Grille, rear license plate frame, sub enclosure…..

2002 Mercedes G500 with 24″ Verde wheels

2002 Mercedes G500
Wheels: Verde Allusion 24″
Tires: Nexen N3000