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2011 BMW 535 on 20″ Lexani CVX-44

2011 BMW 535
Staggered 20″ Lexani CVX-44
Hankook V12 Tires
H&R Lowering springs

2007 Mercedes CLS500 with Lexani Wheels

Mercedes CLS500
Wheels: Lexani LSS08
Tires: Hankook V12
Suspension: APtires lowering links

350Z Convertible with Lexani wheels

350Z Convertible
Wheels: Lexani LSS-8 Gunmetal
Tires: Hankook V12

2005 Nissan 350Z with Lexani Concave

2055 Nissan 350Z
Wheels: Lexani CVX-44 Deep concave custom painted
Suspension: Eibach Pro-kit Lowering springs
Exhaust: Fujitsubo Legalis-R

2011 Range Rover Sport HSE with Lexani wheels

2011 Range Rover Sport HSE
Wheels: Lexani CVX-44 22″
Tires: Toyo STII

Mercedes Benz CLK420 with Lexani wheels

2001 Mercedes Benz CLK420
Wheels: Lexani LSS-55 20″
Tires: Nitto INVO

2009 Audi Q7 with Lexani wheels

2009 Audi Q7
Wheels: Lexani LSS5 22×9
Tires: Hankook ST

2008 Infiniti M45 with Lexani LX10

2008 Infiniti M45
Wheels: Lexani LX10 22×9 front, 22×10 rear
Tires: Hankook V4S

CL600 V12 on 22″ LEXANI LX-20

2001 CL600 V12
Smoked Tail Lights and Full HID Kit
Wheels: Lexani LX-20 22″
Tires: Lexani LX5000

Maserati Quattroporte on Lexani LS55

2006 Maserati Quattroporte
Lexani LS55 with custom silver lettering, front: 22×9 rear: 22×10

Nexen N3000 front: 245/30-22 Rear: 295/25-22

Custom work:
Smoked Tail lights and Lumar window tint. Lowering is on the way.